Election Information

2023 Declaration of Candidacy Forms
2023 Municipal Candidate Guide
General Election to be held November 21st 2023
How do I Vote
Notice of 2023 Municipal Office
Ranked Choice Voting Video
Voter Registration Information
Where to drop your election ballot

Forms and Applications

ADU Application
Appeal Authority Application
Request for a Variance or Appeal
Brush Clearing In-Kind Tracking Hours
Business- Conditional Use Letter
Business License Application
In order to obtain a business license in Woodland Hills, please fill out this application and turn in to the city offices along with your application fee.
Citizen Complaint Form
City Zoning Map
Community Center Rental FAQs and Info
Rules and FAQs for Community Center Rental
Community Center Rental Agreement
Community Center Reservation Form
Emergency Alerts/Notifications
How to get emergency alerts and other notifications from the city.
IRC-IBC Appeal Authority Application
Lot/Parcel Boundary Adjustment or Consolidation
Nuisance Explanation and Procedure
Laurtizen Field Park Pavilion Reservation Form
Please fill out this form and turn in to the city offices and pay applicable fees in order to reserve the pavilion.
Resident Handbook
Temporary Occupancy Application Form
Utility Application
Utility Application for New Residents


GRAMA Request Form
Information on GRAMA

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Rendering and Email of 2014 Gate Proposal
Transparency in Woodland Hills
Transparency Report August 12 2021
Transparency Report Regarding gates on Summit Creek Drive

Woodland Hills City Code and Ordinances

2017 Ordinances
2018 Ordinances
2019 Ordinances
2021 Ordinances
2022 Ordinances
2023 Ordinances Passed as of September 12 2023
Woodland Hills City Code
The City Code of Woodland Hills, contains ordinances up to and including ordinance 2022-32. Ordinances of the city adopted after said ordinance supersede the provisions of this city code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. Consult the city office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded, or repealed.

Woodland Hills City Resolutions

2020 Resolutions
2021 Resolutions
2022 Resolutions
2023 Resolutions Passed as of September 12 2023

Community Information and Resources

2022 Drinking Water Quality Report
Volunteer Opportunities
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