Community Information and Resources

Resident Handbook
Roadside Fire Assessments

Election Information

2021 Municipal Election Information
Candidate Financial Statements
Candidate Information
Declaration of Candidacy Forms
How do I Vote
Legal Notice of Declaration of Candidacy
Municipal Financial Disclosure Statements October 26, 2021
Ranked Choice Voting Video
Sample Election Ballot
Updated 2021 General Municipal Election Results
Voter Registration Information
Where to drop your election ballot

Forms and Applications

ADU Application
Appeal Authority Application
Request for a Variance or Appeal
Business- Conditional Use Letter
Business License Application
In order to obtain a business license in Woodland Hills, please fill out this application and turn in to the city offices along with your application fee.
City Zoning Map
Community Center Rental FAQs and Info
Rules and FAQs for Community Center Rental
Community Center Rental Agreement
Community Center Reservation Form
Emergency Alerts/Notifications
How to get emergency alerts and other notifications from the city.
2022 Consolidated Fee Schedule
Woodland Hills City Fee Schedule
IN Kind Tracking Hours Form
IRC-IBC Appeal Authority Application
Finding of Nuisance Form
Citizen Complaint Form
Nuisance Explanation and Procedure
Laurtizen Field Park Pavilion Reservation Form
Please fill out this form and turn in to the city offices and pay applicable fees in order to reserve the pavilion.
Resident Handbook
Temporary Occupancy Application Form
Utility Application
Utility Application for New Residents


GRAMA Request Form
Information on GRAMA

Transparency Committee's City Report

Rendering and Email of 2014 Gate Proposal
Transparency in Woodland Hills
Transparency Report August 12 2021
Transparency Report Regarding gates on Summit Creek Drive

Woodland Hills City Code and Ordinances

2017 Ordinances
2018 Ordinances
2019 Ordinances
2021 Ordinances
Codified City Code
The City Code of Woodland Hills, contains ordinances up to and including ordinance 2021-30. Ordinances of the city adopted after said ordinance supersede the provisions of this city code to the extent that they are in conflict or inconsistent therewith. Consult the city office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded, or repealed.
Ordinance 2022-02 Amending City Code 6-1-5 Snow Removal from Street and Sidewalks
Ordinance 2022-04 Accepting a Zone Change for 80 W Valley View Way
Ordinance 2022-05 Tabled
Ordinance 2022-07 10-4-5D Tabled
Ordinance 2022-13 Amending Title 11
Ordinance 2022-15 Amending the Development and Constructions Standards
Ordinance 2022-16 Clarifying the Duties of Building Official and Zoning Enforcement (includes changes made with passing Ord. 2022-13 and Ord. 2022-14. )
Ordinance 2022-17 Amending 2022 Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance 2022-18 Adopting 2023 Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance 2022-19 Change to City Code Title 1-9-3
Ordinance 2022-20 City Development and Construction Standards for Subdivisions Amendment
Ordinance 2022-22 Amending the title of City Code 6-1-3 to include Parking
Ordinance 2022-23 Amending City Code 10-11-2C Accessory Buildings
Ordinance 2022-24 Amending City Code Title 10-11-8B1e Fences and Development and Construction Standards 2.3.10
Ordinance 2022-25 Amending the Requirement to Conduct a Natural Hazard Assessment
Ordinance 2022-21 Creating Fines for Misdemeanors
Ordinance 2022-03 Accessory Dwelling Units
Ordinance 2022-06 Amending City Code 10-6 Appeal Authority
Ordinance 2022-08 Change in Standard of Fire Hydrant Fire Flow
Ordinance 2022-09 Acceptance of Annexation Robert Nelson, N. Hiatt, C. Hiatt and M.Griffith
Ordinance 2022-11 Amending City Code Title 1 Chapter 7
Ordinance 2022-12 Vacating a Portion of Loafer and Eaglenest
Ordinance 2022-14 Amending Definitions in City Code Title 10-2-1
Ordinance 2022-27 Amending City Code 6-1-3A(5)
Ordinance 2022-28 Adopting City Code 11-3-7
Ordinance 2022-29 Amending City Code 11-4-2
Ordinance 2022-30 Amending 2023 Fiscal Year Budget
Ordinance 2022-31 Amending City Code Title 5-6a-6B
Ordinance 2022-32 Amending City Code Title 10-4-5D

Woodland Hills City Resolutions

2020 Resolutions
2021 Resolutions
2022 City Fee Schedule
Resolution 2022-19 Appointing Council Member Kynaston to 911 Special Service DIstrict Board
Resolution 2021-12 2021 Municipal Election Results
Resolution 2022-01 Appointing a City Recorder
Resolution 2022-02 Appointing Deputy City Reorder
Resolution 2022-03 Appointing City Treasurer
Resolution 2022-04 Appointing a Mayor Pro-Tempore
Resolution 2022-15 2022 MAG Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan
Resolution 2022-16 Appointing Members to the PTR Committee
Resolution 2022-17 Appointing an Individual to Serve on the Finance Committee
A new member was appointed to the Finance Committee
Resolution 2022-18 Approving Funds Disbursement for February 2022
Resolution 2022-22 Agreement for Election Boxes
Resolution 2022-23 April Check Disbursement
Resolution 2022-24 May 2022 Check Disbursement
Resolution 2022-25 Amending the City Fee Schedule
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