New Green Waste Dumpster Program

September 19, 2022

Residents of Woodland Hills

The city is excited to announce that we have secured funding for a fall of 2022 green waste dumpster program. This program will allow the city to place green waste containers throughout Woodland Hills starting the week of September 19th. These containers will be for green waste only. This includes trees, shrubs, grasses, and any vegetation you deem unwanted (No stumps). If you transport yard clippings in trash bags, please tear open the bags and dump the green waste into the bins.

If we get stumps, trash, or construction material of any kind in the bins, it will limit the program due to the cost of dumping construction material. These secured funds will not cover any dump fees that include construction or trash. If you see anyone dumping anything other than green waste, please get their license plate number and/or a picture of the individual and report it to the city as soon as possible.

If you have an area that needs a large amount of dead wood removed contact me and I will try to have a bin placed close by. We cannot use this program for clearing lots in preparation for home construction but can be used for gathering dead wood off any lot. All stumps should be hauled away by the property owner to the Payson landfill.

This will be a suitable time to remove the trees that may be encroaching the city right of way that are vital as fire breaks and emergency evacuation routes in the event we have a fire. Thank you for your support.

Craig Northup

Fire Chief

Woodland Hills Fire and Rescue


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