Woodland Hills Drive Reconstruction

Woodland Hills Drive Reconstruction

Dear Residents,

    We are very grateful for your patience with all of the extra traffic we have seen going up to the Summit Creek development and are excited that the new road will be finished in the upcoming weeks. We are waiting for that new road to be finished before we start the construction on Woodland Hills Drive. Waiting for the new road will allow us to funnel all the construction traffic to the new road and keep it from congesting the detours. The reconstruction of Woodland Hills Drive will start soon. The project will include a new 8″ water main, water service lines, additional fire hydrants, concrete containment curb, and new asphalt.

   The Project will improve water flows by replacing the existing 6″ ductile iron water main with an 8″ plastic line. As this new line is installed, new water service lines will be hooked up to the existing water meters, water main valves will be installed to improve the ability to isolate sections, hydrant valves will be installed at the main to improve serviceability, and concrete containment curbing will be installed on either side of a new 25 foot wide asphalt road. The existing asphalt will be ground up, graded, and compacted to improve the base for the new blacktop (as well as reduce the costs of the overall project). Century Link has expressed a great deal of interest to utilize the old water line as a conduit to get a fiber optic line to the top of the city and be able to increase internet speeds. As this project gets underway, we ask for your patience and cooperation.

   We understand Woodland Hills Drive is the main thoroughfare in and out of the city. To minimize the inconvenience, to maintain safety, and to help the project go as fast as possible, we have elected to close one section of road at a time. We understand this may take some getting used to, so we will do our best to keep you informed of the progress. We will maintain signs to help navigate the detours and we will re-open each section as work is completed. Work will begin at the Oak/Maple/Woodland Hills Drive intersection. We will begin at the bottom and progress up the hill. Once the water line is installed, we will put gravel over the dirt to drive on. We will open the road once the gravel is in place. Due to the gravel, each section of WH Dr will be reopened at a reduced speed. We will have an asphalt crew come lay the new asphalt, but they can’t come until we get far enough up the road laying the new water main that they won’t catch up with us. This will again close sections of WH Dr beginning at the lower intersection working up until it is complete. Please remember that this will put traffic on detour routes that many are not used to.

   Please, please, drive slowly and be very attentive. Remember that school will be out as we are working on this project, and there will likely be more people out and about. Also, remind your children to be cautious around extra traffic.

Thank you,

Mayor, City Council and Public Works