Supporting Documents for May 19, 2021 Public Hearing

Supporting Documents for May 19, 2021 Public Hearing



The planning commission will hold a public hearing on May 19, 2021 at which time public input will be taken regarding the below ordinance changes.  Each speaker will be allowed 2 minutes for comments.  If they feel they need to take longer, they may write an email, not to exceed 275 words to the planning commission for planning commission review.  The letters will be made part of the public record, but will not be read during the public hearing.  The emails must be received on or before May 12th and should be addressed to the city recorder at  [email protected]. Any email received after that date will not be considered.


Adding Chapter 8-5-1 to the City Code on Water Requirements and Policies

Adding Chapter 10-1-8 to the City Code requiring Architectural and Landscaping Standards

Change to City Code Title 10-6-4 from 45 days to no less than 10 days to be consistent with State Code 10-9a-704

Adding Chapter 11-5-10 for Trails and Walkways

Proposed Change in Development and Construction Standards 2.8.6 – Fire Hydrants

Proposed Change to City Code 10-11-2A.B Setback and Configurations and City Code Title 10-11 2B. B

Setbacks and Configurations
Zone R1-40/R1-1 R1-80/R1-2 R1-19  R2 and R1 PUD’s
Front yard 30 30 30 30
Side yard 10 10 5 5
Side yard abutting road 30 30 30 30
Rear yard 10 10 10 10
Rear yard abutting roads 20 20 20 20
From main residence 20 20 20 20
From other structures 20 20 20 20
Max. height of structure 17 17 17 17

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