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Signing up to receive the Newsletter can be done by creating/editing an account:  go to and select the box next to Woodland Hills to choose to receive all notifications that are sent from the City or select just the box next to Newsletter or the boxes next to the specific categories that you would like to receive alerts/notifications on. The items listed below are what are available to receive City alerts/notifications on:
  • Emergency
  • Public Meetings
  • Fire Information
  • Public Works:
    • Trash
    • Sewer
    • Water Outages
    • Road Work
    • Snow Removal
  • Newsletter
  • Community Events
  • Law Enforcement Information
  • Transparency Report
  • Committees:
    • Finance
    • Parks, Trails & Recreation
    • Public Safety
    • Public Works – Water, Sewer, Roads
    • Transparency
  • School Bus Notifications
  • Weather Related