Resident Handbook

Welcome to Woodland Hills


We are delighted to have you as our neighbors!  It is our hope that you find our city as fun and satisfying as so many of us have.  It is indeed a unique community that blends rural life with the convenience of excellent shopping, church and schools.  The magnificent views, the wild life, the trees and clean air all contribute to making Woodland Hills such a desirable community in which to live.


All of these benefits do not come without some additional responsibility, however.  We are a growing, bedroom community that must be sensitive to the fact that we live in a somewhat isolated environment and on the side of a mountain.  While Mount Loafer offers us some spectacular views and a refuge for our wildlife, it also manages to cover our roads with a lot of snow.  This requires special care during winter driving and a willingness to endure an occasional inconvenience. With a limited budget, we are not always able to repair roads as fast as we would like.


Our city government relies heavily on volunteers to manage the needs of the community.  We encourage you to get involved and share your time and talents wherever you feel that you can.  Sharing and participating has made Woodland Hills a great family community.  It will continue to be so as each of us get better acquainted while working with the Fire Department; First Responders; WHPOA; City Council; Board of Adjustment; Planning Commission; Public Safety Committee; Finance Committee; Roads Committee; Transparency Committee; Parks, Trails and Recreation Committee or spending some time planning and participating in Woodland Hills Day or the annual cleanup.


Let’s get acquainted and work together to keep Woodland Hills one of the crown jewels of the Wasatch Front!


Woodland Hills Mayor & City Council