Wendy Pray    385-448-7865    [email protected]


Dorel Kynaston    385-448-7835    [email protected]
Kari Malkovich    801-822-9149    [email protected]
Robert Ottley    801-691-2811    [email protected]
Paul MacArthur    801-372-1714    [email protected]
David Pratt    801-361-9740    [email protected]

City Employees

Chris Helvey, Finance Dir.    801-423-3900    [email protected]
Lori Thomas, Treasurer    Office: 801-423-3900  [email protected]
Jody Stones, City Recorder    Office: 801-423-3900, Mobile: 385-448-7838    [email protected]
Corbett Stephens, Public Works    801-857-0788    [email protected]
Craig Northup, Public Works    801-891-5387    [email protected]

Planning Commission

Wayne Frandsen, Chairman    801-423-1704  [email protected]

Ted Mickelsen 801-445-6940  [email protected]
Lori Thomas 801-854-8681     [email protected]    
Severin Johnson   801-423-7976   [email protected]
Larry Henry  801-372-6138    [email protected]

Contact all members at:  [email protected]

Solid Waste Removal

Waste Management    801-785-3000    [email protected]

Website Manager

[email protected]

EMERGENCY  911  >>>  Do Not Hesitate To Call!

Sign up for Emergency alerts/notifications

Utah County Sheriff (non-emergency and Animal Control)    801-794-3970

South Utah Valley Animal Shelter    801-851-4080

Report Dead Wildlife for Removal    801-491-5678

Woodland Hills City Office

Open Monday-Thursday from 9 AM to 3 PM or by appointment. Closed on all government and state holidays.

Address:  690 S. Woodland Hills Dr., Woodland Hills, UT

Phone:  801-423-3900

Fax:  801-423-3501

Email:  [email protected]

Fire Department

Craig Northup, Chief    801-891-5387    [email protected]

Beth Wilding, EMS Captain    385-448-7783    [email protected]

City Engineer

LEI Engineering    801-798-0555    [email protected]

Board of Adjustment

Travis Palfreyman, Chair

David Stones

Wade Snarr

Brent Winder

George Thompson

Joe Wilkins (Alternate)