Community Meeting October 2, 2018

Community Meeting October 2, 2018



We have now lived on high alert for 3 weeks. We have prepared for the worst, hoped for the best, and prayed for the miracle. And we have been blessed.

As with the fire, our goals remain the same: Preserve Life, Protect Infrastructure, and Protect Property. Your life is our number one concern.

We cannot live in fear. We have tried to prepare for the impending storms the best we can as a city. We have filled and placed over 30,000 sand bags. Additionally, we have asked each of you to prepare your homes and families for the rains.

Let us be clear. We are possibly facing two different weather-related issues. First is flash flooding incidental to the storm. If you have had any run off from the rain in the past, please prepare your property accordingly. This rain will affect the entire City but might not incite flooding in all areas.

The second possible incident would be debris flow or mudslide. They are not easy to predict when, where, or how they flow. The national weather service has determined if we get .25-.50 inches of rain in a 20-30 minute window, we will go from flood watch (plan and prepare) to flood warning (the incident is happening).

You can track the weather at or call 801-524-5133. Our focus is on the next 36 hours, although it is predicted to rain for several days.