Community Center Rental

Woodland Hills City Community Center

City Center Reservation Form & Checklist


1. How do I schedule the building?

Scheduling of the building can be done by calling the City Office at 801-423-3900 during office hours.

2. How do I get into the building on the day of my event?

A code to enter the building will be given to you on the day of your event. Please call 385-448-7838 an hour prior to the event to get the code.

3. Can we remove or hang anything from the walls?

No. You are not allowed to hang or attach anything to the walls. There are several hooks along the top of the ceiling that things may be hung from.

4. Do I need to bring anything for cleaning up?

Yes. The City provides for your use at the building: garbage liners, a bucket and mop, vacuum and broom. Bring your own cleaning supplies, paper towels and dish soap.

5. Are we allowed to have alcohol or smoke in the building?

No.  Alcohol and smoking/vaping are not allowed.

6. Is there a fee or security deposit for using the building?


 Non-Profit Residents:

$500 refundable deposit

$20/hour or $125/day

For Profit/Non-Residents:

$500 refundable deposit

$50/hour or $400/day


Please remember:

  • Do not drag items across flooring in hallway or the multi-purpose room.
  • No animals of any type shall be in the building.
  • No open flames are allowed (i.e. candles).
  • Food/Drink is allowed only in areas that are not carpeted.