WHFD Wildland Fire

Wildland Fire

Fire season is officially here!


We want to take a moment and thank all the wonderful members of our community who have met together several times to complete our City of Woodland Hills Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).


Please make sure that your home is in compliance with the City Ordinances regarding defensible space, clearing dead limbs and brush. Roads and the easements on both sides are the best line of defense in protecting our city from a spreading wildfire. Below is listed a document that can help you in your preparation and planning for brush removal on your property.


Our Fire Department is specially trained to be able to combat wildland fires. The WHFD has Brush trucks as well as a fire Engine that are capable of fighting wildfires. Additional training as well as practice mocks occur on a regular basis in our city.


If you see or smell anything suspicious, please DO NOT HESITATE to CALL 911! The earlier our Fire Department as well as surrounding departments are able to respond, the better the outcome.


Click HERE to download the .pdf file with guidelines for clearing property and constructing piles for chippers to help firefighters as well as citizens in protecting our city from Wildfires.