City Standards

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City Ordinances



Ord. 20-09 Repeal Ord. 2020-05

Ord. 20-07 Amending 2020 Budget

Ord. 20-06 Establishing 2012 Budget

Ord.20-05 Adopting Codification- Repealed by Ord. 20-05

Ord. 20-04 Flood Damage Ordinance

Ord. 20-03 APWA Standards

Ord. 20-02 Natural Hazards Assessment with Maps

Ord. 20-01 Establishing a Time and Place for City Council Meetings


Ord. 19-05 (b) requiring a NHA before Building

Ord. 2019-05 Changes to Accessory Buildings

Ord. 19-04 Definition of Transient Housing 109.02 G#3

Ord. 19-03 Establishing a Moratorium

Ord. 19-02 Forming a Building Board of Appeals 

Ord. 19-01 Establishing a Meeting Schedule


Ord. 18-02 Flood Damage Prevention

Ord. 18-01 was not passed.


Ord. 17-05 Establishing a Meeting Schedule

Ord. 17-04 Amending Section 105.09 of City Zoning Ordinance

Ord. 17-03 Establishing a Meeting Time

Ord. 17-02   Change in Zoning 

Ord. 17-01 Fencing Ordinance


Ord. 16-03 CITY CODE 1-2-105 Snow Removal

Ord.16-02 Did not pass

Ord.16-01 establishing a time and place for holding city council meetings


Ord. 15-02 Accessory Buildings

Ord. 15-01 Elections 2-1-103(3)


Ord. 14-01-Amending-City-Code-to-include-Section-4-1-120-wate

Ord. 14-02-Rezone-Belliston property

Ord. 14-03-Rezone-Lamb property

Ord. 14-04-Establishing City Council Meeting Schedule

Ord.14-0 prohibiting-wildlife-feeding *DID NOT PASS AS AN ORD


Ord.13-05 Mountain Villa Overlay

Ord.13-01 Change in Zoning

Ord.13-02 Amending Section 1-3-302

Ord.13-03 Change in City Zoning 105.02

Ord.13-04 Adopting Title Five 

Ord.13-06 City Code Section 4-1-119 (5)

Ord.13-07 Reimbursement for On-site or Off-site Improvements

Ord.13-08 Establishing City Council Meetings

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Woodland Hills City Development & Construction Standards

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